Sunday, September 18, 2011

Since this is the first installment of the Team 1040 Host Rankings (@1040Rankings), these first rankings will be more long-winded than they will be in the future - because who likes reading? People just want to see some mthfckn rankings. Feel free to argue your case, for or against, a certain Team 1040, and maybe I'll factor that into the rankings. Probably not though. Hosts aren't included for shows that nobody listens to (sorry Saturday/soccer guys - and I'm a large soccer/Caps fan). HERE... WEEEE.... GO.

Jason Botchford (Morning Show) @BotchonCanucks
Rank: 1 Last Week: --

Unofficial Luongo expert. Ranter extraordinaire. Hilarious - especially during idiot-fan interaction on air. Entertaining. The man could convince Steve Jobs to buy a PC. His finger is on the pulse of the Vancouver Canucks. I've never been steered wrong by his analysis/reports/predictions. He's usually the first Canuck reporter to break a story. Not afraid to call bullshit. Probably the best Twitter presence. He has just recently joined the morning crew and is already a star. Scouts are reporting his potential is through the roof - way higher than the greedy Drew Doughty's.

Blake Price (Evening Show) @blakeprice1040
Rank: 2 Last Week: --

Despite being from Winnipeg, Price is quite a level-headed guy with great takes. I don't think there is anyone more well-equipped to run a show by themselves than Blake. Great at taking calls from listeners and prompting some good discussion. Blake is decent on Twitter, nowhere near guys like Botchford or Chapman. And doesn't he have like 50 kids? He's good at something else too. Am I right fellas?

The Kurtenbloggers (Late-Night Show/Maybe Mid-Day soon) @kurtenblog
Rank: 3 Last Week: --

Sorry guys, like the Sedins, Jason Brough and Mike Halford will be unfairly lumped together for the purposes of these rankings. Ok, these guys are hilarious. I can't even count how many times between 10pm and midnight that I would be laughing my ass off. When Botch would join their show from time to time it was literally the best shit the @Team1040 has ever aired. There are many old guys who don't appreciate "those jackasses from the interweb," but in reality it's just way over their heads and they're not appreciating what the show is all about. Hilarious Canucks talk that fans can relate with. I would be remiss if I didn't mention show producer Mike Martignago (@MikeMartignago) and his hilarious alter ego Ralph Rantignago (@ralphrantignago) - The voice of the blue-collar fan. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, listen to this.

Paul Chapman (Morning Show) @PaulC14
Rank: 4 Last Week: --

Chapman is a really informed dude - he's a great advocate for the city of Vancouver and really cares about sports in BC and Vancouver/BC in general. Like his Vancouver Province co-worker Jason Botchford he's definitely not afraid to call bullshit either, which is exactly what listeners want in a host - it's very entertaining and gives you great satisfaction. Also like Botch, Chapman has an excellent twitter presence and really makes an effort connect with fans and utilize this very useful technology, rather than ignorantly dismissing it like some dinosaur Team 1040 hosts. Chappy had a great quote: "Love when old school media types scoff at Twitter. Wouldn't want to do biz in way people get info today. Kodak ignored digital cameras too." Chappy could easily pass Blake Price in future rankings. One reason he's not 2nd is that sometimes his love for Vancouver can turn a bit political/preachy sometimes.

Matt Sekeres (Mid-Day Show) @mattsekeres
Rank: 5 Last Week: --

Matt and BMac were a great team and I wasn't too trilled about Moj joining him, but it's been surprisingly decent so far - I won't hold my breath, though. Sekeres is another very bright guy with some solid opinions. Also not a taker of bullshit - not afraid to voice his opinion. Sometimes he can get a bit whiny - but it's usually hilarious anyways. Baaarrrryyyyy... I also find it funny when he sometimes schools Dr. Football (Moj) on football topics (usually CFL).

Barry Macdonald (Afternoon Show) Not on Twitter - He's old
Rank: 6 Last Week: --

Barry was the natural fit to replace David Pratt. Not because they're alike, because BMac is much better, but because he and Taylor have great chemistry and BMac is very capable of commanding the biggest show on the station - he's a vet. He's a very likable guy who is a British Columbian through and through. He and Taylor are already off to a great start. He actually talks about SPORTS on a sports station (crazy, I know). The show is much better now. Not being on twitter is a downfall. The only reason he's 6th is because I find the other hosts more entertaining.

Don Taylor (Afternoon Show) Not on Twitter - He's old
Rank: 7 Last Week: --

I think Taylor could be tied with BMac for 6th. He's a pretty entertaining guy. He's like a Vancouver Canuck encyclopedia. So many random facts in this guy's brain. Not only is he not on Twitter, I think he dislikes it for some reason. He also at one point said he couldn't tell the difference between HDTV and regular TV though - and now he's a huge fan... he probably hated the internet too. He's a little too nice to everyone - I guess that's part of the reason he's the most famous and successful guy on the station. It sometimes makes for boring interviews/discussion though.

Bob "Moj" Marjanovich (Afternoon Show?) Not on Twitter - He can't work computers
Rank: 8 Last Week: --

Moj moj moj... The man knows his football. But that's about it. He sometimes embarrasses himself when trying to talk about things like hockey. I mean, he's not awful, but there have just been so many opinions and facts that are way off base.

Scott Rintoul (Morning Show) @ScottRintoul
Rank: 9 Last Week: --

Scotty is a better broadcaster than the Moj, and usually more informed, but he's just really annoying to listen to. Not because he has an annoying voice (but he kind of does) but because I feel he doesn't do his job. All he does is agree with everyone and seems to tow the company/media line ALL THE TIME. A specific instance was when Manny Malhotra was working out with the team and clearly trying to get back into game shape in case there was ever a possibility he could join the team after his horrific injury. People would call in and express that obviously it is a possibility that he could play again this season, or else why would Malhotra and the Canucks be doing these things. But because the Canucks expressed that he would not play again this year (the best thing to say in that situation) Scotty would not even exercise the idea of him coming back. Callers, listeners, and other hosts alike were understandably annoyed with this. That's just one example of a reoccurring theme. He seems like a nice enough guy, but those are the reasons he's at the bottom of the rankings.


There you have it. Keeping these clowns honest.

Just a personal message to all hosts: Only you can change your own destiny. Impress me.

There are only the 9 main hosts on these rankings for now, but look back in the future and I may include some other substitute/producer/minor role personalities like Jeff Paterson (@patersonjeff), Iain Mcletchie (@mcletch), Ray Ferraro (@rayferrarotsn), Paul De Bron (@pauldebron), Tyler Green (@tylergreen1040), Matt Baker (@bakes1040), Farhan Lalji (@FarhanLaljiTSN), and Mike Martignago (@MikeMartignago).